About Christian Bauer

Christian Bauer is an innovative and modern company simultaneously rich in tradition and with a historically-based brand name.

We aim to meet the requirements of our customers to the fullest possible extent. We are committed to developing distinctive and contemporary products. Our company philosophy centres on the creation of true values.


Christian Bauer is a German company located in Welzheim, specialising in the production of wedding rings for the premium market sector.

The brand offers its customers an attractive product line including engagement and wedding rings made of high quality materials like gold and platinum, as well as carefully chosen diamonds.

Every ring is unique and manufactured with high precision and exploiting years of goldsmith’s experience.
High quality and a special comfort fit are the result of the Christian Bauer’s goldsmith’s art.

Innovative products are characterized by a consistently modern and elegant design.


1880 The silversmith Christian Bauer founds the company Christian Bauer in his hometown Welzheim
1913 After his death, his two sons Friedrich and Karl Bauer take over the company.
1960 Christian Bauer supplies jewellery to wholesalers throughout Europe
1971 Construction of a new production building
1974 Platinum is used for jewellery production for the first time
1976 Christian Bauer is a founding member of the Platinum Guild Germany
1980 The company celebrates its 100th anniversary
1988 Formation of a jewellery sales company in the United States and founding member of the Platinum Guild USA
2000 Move into a new building
2011 Strategic reorientation of the brand Christian Bauer

Product development

Design and innovation are the most important aims when developing products for Christian Bauer.

Jewellery and therefore also wedding rings are the expression of personality and lifestyle.

The need to be together yet individual is in essence contradictory, but they are both important motivations in the world of fashion and jewellery. Together with the highest standards, these are the most important desires of Christian
Bauer customers.

The requirement to be individual and unique, but within a defined style, reflects the brand Christian Bauer.

Product line

Christian Bauer offers a wide range of individual, contemporary and elegant wedding rings. Engagement and jewellery rings complete the product line.

The focus is upon highest quality and impressive design. Timeless elegance and innovative product technology characterize the brand Christian Bauer.

Christian Bauer stands for a stylish and modern lifestyle. The products embody aesthetic excellence.

The passion for quality and for beautiful things is what links Christian Bauer and its customers.

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