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Sandro Colarieti: a man and his passions

Sandro Colarieti was an uncommon man. This is evident by the traces of himself that he has left behind. There is not only a flourishing company, one that carries on his ideas and continues his passion and inventiveness, but also a powerful impression in the people who have been close to him. Those who were fortunate enough to know him will carry with them his memory for the rest of their lives.

Sandro’s story is characterized by genius and restlessness. He began a relentless journey towards perfection, tenaciously pursued and impeccably conceived. Heir to a great tradition in the silk industry, he was destined to have great skill and intelligence, qualities which he used to continue his ancestor’s activities. His spirit of independence, his pride, and the awareness of his value pushed him to deviate from the path that had already been outlined for him. He sought to escape his father’s shadow, to confront new challenges, but only with his own strength. He was guided by an internal desire: a passion and genius for mechanics, an insatiable thirst for knowledge that would influence him for his entire life. He found the same impulse that pushes a child to break a toy, to see how it works “inside”, was alive and well inside of him. He was always filled with a passion to understand how a machine, an engine, or anything else mechanical functioned. Not surprisingly, this passion is part of the family heritage that runs through his veins: his father invented and patented a new kind of handloom. His grandfather was also well known for his “fever” for gears and mechanics. Among his grandmother’s cousins he counts Teseo Tesei, a high-ranking officer of the Navy and hero of World War II. Tesei honourably sacrificed himself in combat while piloting a “pig”, the famous man-driven torpedo that he had helped to build, inventing a life-support system with a closed cycle.

In Colarieti’s genetics there is also the thrill for high speed, a tendency he satisfied by participating in the Offshore competitions with the Chesterfield Missoni team as throttle man, for years; he even won a prestigious second place at the Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio race. This enthusiasm for races vanishes in 1990, with the tragic death of his friend, Stefano Casiraghi. The sorrow, the awareness of the risk, and the sense of responsibility towards his family make him abandon the water bike and delve into the business world again. However, he is impatient. He has a desire to create something from nothing burning inside of him. It is his love of mechanics, and his deep passion for watchmaking that ultimately show him the way. These beautiful life experiences give birth to Scatola del Tempo, an ingenuous hobby that becomes the activity of a lifetime. The ones who knew him well know how proud he was of this company created from nothing and brought, with determination, to success.

Who met, knew or spoke to Sandro Colarieti, know very well that he was an uncommon man. Anti-conformist, lonely, rioter to any undefined thing, faithful to people and ideals.
What remains of him is that which he has achieved and accomplished, something not little at all. 
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