Bulgari B.Zero1 Design Legend

Since B.Zero1 was first introduced in 1999, the collection has always been a timeless icon of Bvlgari. It broke the concept of traditional jewelry design of having diamonds or gemstones in the center with thin bands, and instead, emphasized more on the shape.  The original B.Zero1 ring was modelled after “Emperor Vespian’s architectural statement of power, the Colloseum.” The idea was to empower through jewelry that was unconventional and chic. It is not the kind of piece that stays inside the vault and is only taken out for special occasions. It is to be worn for any style in any occasion. Breaking the rules of conventional jewelries, with the “gas pipe” tubogas motif and the double logo, B.Zero1 immediately became the new classic and style.

This time, Zaha Hadid – a star of architectural design – gives a brand new look of the B.Zero1, which is named the B.Zero1 Design Legend. Zaha Hadid is one of the greatest female architects of our time, and her Pritzker Architecture and Sterling Prize winning visionary has been dubbed as the “Queen of the Curve“ because of her breakthrough designs for landmark structures such as the Guangzhou Opera House and the Vienna University Library and Learning Center. Her signature curves are integrated into the latest design of B.Zero1. Different from the previous models, the central body of the jewelry pieces has changed into lively golden waves instead of the original looping bands, which exemplifies fluidity and create the feeling of movement.