CH Premier Celebrated Lunar New Year with Qeelin

The story of Qeelin began at the hub of cultural exchanges between China and the West, along the “Silk Road”, the caves of Dunhuang stand out among the art treasure of the world by possessing a special geographical and cultural significance. It was during a visit to these legendary caves in 1997 that Dennis Chan had a revelation and decided to turn this into a creative idea; translating all his emotions about China into meaningful, contemporary and universal jewellery – and Qeelin was born.

Since its inception in 2004, Qeelin has embraced the evocative myths of the East, creating lavish fine jewellery that is abundant in symbolism. In each collection, iconic designs, carefully selected materials and exceptional craftsmanship deliver a beguiling combination of poise, playfulness, imaginative whimsy and enchanting Oriental beauty.

Qeelin first caught the attention of the world when actress Maggie Cheung appeared at the Festival de Cannes wearing Qeelin’s signature Wulu collection. Since then, Qeelin has been coveted among stars and luminaries all over the world. In 2007, Qeelin opened the doors to its boutique in Paris at Jardin du Palais Royal. Today, Qeelin’s boutiques can be found in fashion capitals across the globe, including Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. In 2013, Qeelin joined Kering group, a world leader in apparel and accessories in luxury and sport & lifestyle brands.

On February 20th, CH Premier Jewelers officially celebrated its partnership with Qeelin at Westfield Valley Fair with special guest appearance of Creative Director Dennis Chan. This celebration completed the Golden Week of Lunar New Year. Chinese Tea Tasting, Fortune Telling, Lion Dance and Calligraphy are some of the traditional Lunar New Year guests could participate in. Dim Sum catering and cocktails were provided.


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