Corum Golden Bridge

In 1955, Corum was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – a Swiss town located a few kilometers from the French border. The co-founders of the company, Simone Ries and Rene Bannwart, knew that their company will benefit based on the creativity and traditional craftsmanship. Shortly after, the company introduced the $20 Liberty Eagle watch, which is made from a genuine $20 gold piece. It immediately became an international bestseller. Today, Corum has one of the richest collections in its field. A vast range of original designs, creative new ideas, and maintaining the value of its tradition, the progressive attitude of Corum is admirable in today’s watchmaking world. The motto “To create is to construct, and to construct is to live” is essential to Corum’s policy. Guided by its enthusiasm, the company has made great efforts to establish a reputation to match its ambition, and the result spoke itself. Corum watches stood out for their innovative designs and original mechanisms.

The Golden Bridge has been an iconic Corum timepiece since 1980, and is currently the only in-line baguette movement available, and still remains a benchmark because of it. The 18K rose gold case comes with no dial, simply a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal offering a 360° view on the movement inside. The high-end finishes make it nowadays an unmatched haute horologerie timepiece for over 35 years. The interesting visual presentation of the watch by showing all the mechanical mechanisms of the watch makes it one of a kind. It’s a unique timepiece with design and style in mind.