Gucci Pop-Up Shop

On August 10th to August 27th, CH Premier Jewelers is holding an extraordinary Gucci Pop-Up Shop to present the latest fine Gucci jewelries and timepieces masterminded by Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele, who rejuvenate Gucci by adding creativity into the designs. Vintage looks integrate with modern elements bring joy and energy to the collections. Within the two years of Michele’s serving as creative director of Gucci, he has received major international fashion awards, such as the International Designer Award at the British Fashion Awards in 2015, and the CFDA International Award in 2016. Alessandro Michele is a contemporary fashion designer that is fearless of challenges. He thinks that nothing is off limits in the search for inspiration. He has an undeniable skill for combining vintage elements in ways that make them entirely modern. When he was interviewed by Vogue, he said that he was determined to rewrite the DNA of Gucci, break all the rules, and reinterpret the brand in his own way.

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Since 1921, Gucci has gone through a cumulative precipitation for nearly a hundred years. Now, under the leadership of Alessandro Michele, Gucci starts a brand-new magnificent journey. The latest pieces of the collection was inspired by fairy tales that were written by the artist Aracha Cholitgul. The collection discovers the marvelous animal kingdom by using feline animals as the prototype. A series of tales in the collection all revolve around “Wonder Factory” and depicts a world that whimsical animals craft Le Marché des Merveilles jewels in the factory.


To perfectly present the lifelike designs, Alessandro Michele consigned a Thai illustrator – Phannapast Taychamaythakool – to create a fairy tale of pure fantasy, from the angle of an artist’s personal aesthetics to depict the magical fairy tales back in the days, and gives a contemporary look of the Le Marché des Merveilles collection.

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Exclusive jewelries and timepieces that are made of 18K gold, sterling silver, colored enamel and precious stones of the shape of different animals such as tigers, snakes, and bees will be showcased in displays constructed to resemble mini theaters based on Phannapast’s illustrations for a limited time only.