Hublot Big Bang One Click - Chen Man Special Edition

Chen Man—one of the most popular international visual artist became Hublot’s first Chinese female ambassador in 2015. Her unique angle of view and the fusion of art and fashion created a series of outstanding visual art pieces. Her belief happens to coincide with the brand philosophy of Hublot:”the art of fusion.” As Mr. Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot of the Greater China said, “Chen Man is not only a renowned visual artist but also a promoter of pioneer art. As a female artist, she is one of a kind. From her, we can see what women have contributed to the world of art.”


In 2017, Hublot introduces the Big Bang One Click—Chen Man Special Edition. It perfectly fuses eastern aesthetics into the western-style watch. The rotation of the hands of watch records the reincarnation of a peach blossom’s life. At 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock locations on the dial are engraved with the timid bud, peach blossom, flourishing peach leaves, and plump fruit respectively to imply the traditional Chinese saying:” to see a world in a flower.” The four season cycle not only shows the changes of a peach blossom, but also represents the changes of a lady in her lifetime.  Every woman grows from a shy little girl to a vigorous teenage girl, then to a mature lady, and finally, she becomes a mother and nourishes her own kids.


On the back case of the watch, there are four Chinese characters to Chen Man, which are directly translated as “Gold Knows Jade’s Time.” It shows the beauty of ephemeral blossoms along the endless flow of time.  It means “you know my heart” subtly, which is the highest realm of love. In Chinese, the words are transformed from a Chinese idiom: “golden branch jade leaves.” The 39 mm polished stainless steel case of the Hublot Big Bang One Click—Chen Man Special Edition is as hard as gold, meaning love over gold; while the white mother-of-pearl dial is mild as jade, meaning the attitude of gentle and modest. The fusion of hardness and softness combined harmoniously with the lively colors that presents us a traditional Chinese romance. The watch comes in two colors of rubber strap—turquoise and white. The incomparable “one click” system makes it so much easier to change the color of straps by your mood. A charming and practical timepiece that is limited edition of 100 pieces.