Dazzle Everyone With New Timepieces From Grand Seiko


Sourcing the ideal gifts for everyone on your list can be stressful, let alone a time-consuming feat. So, this season, take the guesswork out of shopping for your loved ones and look to CH Premier Jewelers, the Silicon Valley’s preeminent luxury jewelry and watch destination.

And just in time for the holidays, heralded watchmaker Grand Seiko has reimagined the iconic 62GS design with the addition of four new timepieces to its heralded Heritage Collection.

Initially launched in 1967 as Grand Seiko’s first automatic movement, the 62GS timepiece quickly gained popularity for its alluring design featuring a mirrored, multi-sided case and a wide dial opening. Created with bezel-free construction and Seiko’s signature Zaratsu polishing technique, the 62GS is a treasured classic

Available at CH Premier’s Santa Clara and Palo Alto locations, the new watches are particularly unique in that they commemorate the nature of time and four of Japan’s twenty-four sekki, or seasons, which honor the poetic journey from spring to winter.



Taisetsu Special Edition, $6,300.
Taisetsu is The Deep Snow of Winter. Pine trees are coated with snow and remain silent under the sun of winter. It’s when the world has settled into a deep slumber. This model’s dial echoes the glistening winter snow as it gathers and sparkles against the sunlight.


Shunbun Special Edition, $6,300.
Shunbun is The Vernal Equinox. Vibrant cherry blossoms fall into water, swirling and floating. The pink flowers dance on the water, and the Japanese call them flower rafts, or hanaikada. The rosy dial of this model captures the lively spirit of this fleeting season.


Rikka Special Edition, $6,300.
Rikka is Early Summer. As spring welcomes summer, the terrain turns lush and green. A refreshing summer zephyr, or kunpu, blows over waving fields. This model’s rich, green dial seizes a summer moment that can be enjoyed long after the season ends.


Shunbun Special Edition, $6,300.
Shubun is The Autumnal Equinox. Beneath the moonlight, all is quiet save for the last of the chirping crickets. The bright moon against the dark sky is known as tsukiyo. The deep blue dial of this model celebrates the autumnal equinox and is reflective of the sapphire clouds that float across the sky.

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