Hearts on Fire x Stephen Webster "White Kites"


White Kites is the stunning result of the first ever collaboration between U.S. premium diamond brand Hearts of Fire and British jewelry designer Stephen Webster. In their first collaboration, Webster created a high-end, all-diamond jewelry collection named “White Kites”, incorporating the timeless beauty of Hearts on Fire diamonds into his bold, edgy designs. Inspired by the magnificence of the white-tailed bird called “white kite”, after watching their documentaries, Webster has transformed the bird's sweeping wingspan, sharply forked tail and their flying motions into dazzling necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets under the themes of "Bird", "Crest", "Feathers" and "Flight".

The exquisite Hearts on Fire diamonds perfectly interprets Webster’s designs and depicts the bird’s motions and postures in a vivid way. Composed of exquisite layers of round diamonds, each piece is light and ethereal—a testament to both brands' dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and authentic artistry.

White Kites is not only an indication of Webster's bold creativity and relentless pursuit of perfection but also the perfect setting to reveal the brilliance of Hearts on Fire diamonds. Unlike anything either brand has produced before, White Kites marks a dazzling and breathtaking initiation with an array of glittering diamond feathers.

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