Norman Covan, a third generation jeweler, started out on the bench 25 years ago as a diamond setter and aspiring designer in historic Istanbul, Turkey. Inspired by a plethora of diverse cultures, Norman's unique flavor has emerged within his compositions and unforgettable jewelry. With the success of his career, Norman relocated to the fashion capital of the world—Paris, France—and gained notoriety for his exclusive retro-modern designs.

Born with an eye for tasteful and unique women's jewelry, Norman never ceases to nourish his worldly inspirations. His visions range from the finest quality Diamond creations to lovely hand-crafted precious jewels. Norman's desire for excellence in setting style, artistic concept, and superior design speaks for our company's acclaimed reputation. One common thread is evident—quality. Norman prides himself on taking a hands-on approach to business and craftsmanship that is unprecedented in today's jewelry market.

Norman Covan established his Los Angeles design & manufacturing studio in 1995. Since then it has strived to become one of the best in its class, attending America's world renowned jewelry trade shows and bringing stunning jewelry to the people who appreciate the artistry, quality and workmanship brought by Norman Covan.

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