The House of Pasquale Bruni was established in 1976 by Pasquale Bruni himself.  Today it is a family-run company, whereby his daughter, Eugenia, runs the creative department—having inherited her father’s artistic sensitivity and romantic sensibility, and his son, Alessandro, serves as managing director.  Their roles, while well-defined, are characterized as interchangeable, where cooperation and an exchange of ideas help to bolster the company’s identity and transform it into an international brand.

All Pasquale Bruni jewelry is produced in Valenza, which is Italy’s gold district.  This is where long-standing tradition merges with modern design techniques to produce jewelry bearing soul.  The idea behind Pasquale Bruni jewelry is a reflection of shape, poetry, mystery, and a love song that breathes life into it.  Each piece is a small work of art that reveals glimpses of history, conveys beauty, and encapsulates sentiment.  



This year’s collection is highlighted by Mandala, which blossoms from the lotus flower.  It’s the power of color, fused with an intimate and fascinating light and a labyrinth of emotions from which one emerges full of regenerative energy and the fascinating warmth of light.  The Hindu mantra—Om mani padme hum—is reflected in these  alluring jewels to signify a gem amidst the lotus flower, and helps attain the purer light and energy of love.  “The woman is a goddess,” said Eugenia Bruni.  “Each petal encloses emotions and mysteries. The jewel must represent her soul and exalt her light.”  

One line in the Mandala collection is expressed in the shades of pink, purple and azure—colors symbolizing metamorphosis, love, mystery and peace.  These are in the form of a regal necklace of oriental inspiration, jointed bracelets, earrings resembling the shapes of nature, and fascinating rings.  All the jewels are adorned with amethyst, iolite, rhodolite, blue topaz, and the noble black spinel.

 Also reflected in this collection are elements of beauty and allure in the exclusive shades of azure, brown and pure white, which embody tranquility, tenacity and purity.  They can be seen, in particular, in the large medallion, the round earrings, and the crest rings that provide a subtle and refined glow of blue topaz, smoky and milky quartz.  

 The latest for the Bon Ton line, the flower-shaped collection, bears tribute to the fascinating elegance of Clori, the goddess of flowers, who with the onset of spring becomes a nymph in the cheerful fields. They are jewels like the talisman of love, as seen in a crown of splendid white diamonds that enclose a seductive and mysterious black gem.  Rings, pendants, earrings and hanging earrings that seem to bloom from the ear itself are what comprise the collection in white gold, white diamonds and onyx.  The two-in- one hanging earrings can be seen to evoke a flower theme, as well objects reflecting light, making this piece of jewelry particular and more precious.

 The regally elegant flight of the Liberty collection is dazzling, and recalls the concept of freedom and artistic movement that breaks away from the styles of the past to create a totally original one.  Inspired by nature and set in a unique decorative style, this collection centers around the form of a butterfly.  Graceful and fascinating, the butterfly becomes an amazingly precious piece of jewelry with an astonishing design, and through the jeweler’s characteristic pavé technique provide the glow of these haunting beauties:  brown and white diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmaline, and pink quartz all come together to display a graceful mix of colors, almost like shimmering silk set in the warmth of pink gold.

 These are just some of the newer items in a collection with soul, of jewels containing elements that epitomize nature, creation, and especially love.  Come visit CH Premier Jewelers to see the selections.

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