Creativity beyond imagination

Founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), Corum has adopted creativity, consistency and a long-term vision as its guiding principles. We are pursuing the course charted by the company founders by remaining loyal to the iconic collections which have forged the brand’s identity and reputation, while enriching them with a modern blending of style, innovation and technical breakthroughs. The continuity and longevity of its collections are not mere words: they represent a vibrant reality for Corum, since its Admiral’s Cup collection has been sailing the oceans for more than 50 years, while the Bridges collection has been making its mark on watchmaking history for over 30 years. Built upon this proud heritage, Corum’s mission is to continue building for the future.


To develop a product from the creative briefs issued by Corum's general management, the designer sketches by hand the curves and the lines of the future product and then uses the CAD program to show the overall effect.  The product is reviewed and corrected at each stage (sketch, two-dimensional view, profile, addition of color), every detail is worked out, and the proportion of every component and elements is adjusted.

Technical Development

Based on the design and the different views of the product creative by the designer, the product and all its components are modeled in three dimensions using software that is also used to design movements.  All of the components modeled are then virtually mounted and assembled.  A prototype is made so the product's funcationality can be checked and the final design and components approved.

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