Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Celebrates Ever Changing Seasons

The verdant bloom of the spring equinox marks the beginning of Shunbun in Japan, captured in the vibrant green dial of Japan Seasons model SBGJ251. Subtle rose gold accents are used to highlight the GMT function of Hi-Beat Caliber 9S86, which harnesses MEMS technology to achieve high accuracy and precision.
When the rainy spring season ends, Shōsho brings warm winds to the thousands of lakes and ponds across Japan, creating delicate ripples in the water that are mirrored in the dial of Japan Seasons model SBGJ249. The case design features beveled lugs and Zaratsu-polished slides for a distortion-free finish, while the Hi-Beat GMT Caliber 9S86 delivers a 55-hour power reserve and accuracy rate of +5/-3 seconds a day.
In Kanro, autumn is at its height in Japan, casting a cloudy moonlit sky much like the dial of Japan Seasons model SBGE271. The timepiece is powered by Spring Drive GMT Caliber 9R66, featuring an independently adjustable local hour hand and a GMT hand that remains fixed to the home time.
With its stark white dial and fine texture, Japan Seasons model SBGE269 embodies the winter solstice in Tōji, with golden accents to evoke the setting sun over a snow-covered landscape. Powered by the Spring Drive GMT Caliber 9R66, the seconds hand advances in a smooth, gliding motion to further emphasize the flow of time.

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