Longines Goes Large: Introducing 43mm HydroConquest GMT




Longines defies industry norms with the introduction of the larger 43mm HydroConquest GMT, challenging prevailing trends of downsizing sport models. This bold move not only reflects the brand's commitment to innovation but also underscores their understanding of their diverse customer base. As enthusiasts seek watches that make a statement on the wrist, Longines delivers a reliable and high-quality option tailored to those with larger wrists or a preference for substantial timepieces.


Introducing the HydroConquest GMT

Last year, Longines experienced an unexpected success with their HydroConquest GMT, a dive watch featuring the "flyer" L844.5 caliber movement that sparked discussions within enthusiast circles. This achievement was somewhat surprising considering Longines' expertise in curating vintage reissues from their extensive catalog. While the brand never ceased producing contemporary timepieces, the HydroConquest overhaul marked a departure from their recent focus and offered a refreshing alternative in a market saturated with similar-looking dive watches.

Less than a year after the debut of the HydroConquest GMT, Longines has surprised enthusiasts once again with a new addition to the collection. Recently announced, the HydroConquest GMT is now available in a larger size, boasting a 43mm case. This move caught many off guard, especially given the prevailing trend among watch brands to downsize their sport models to more universally accepted dimensions, typically ranging between 38-40mm. With last year's HydroConquest GMT measuring 41mm, the decision to increase the size to 43mm seems counterintuitive in today's market where smaller sizes are favored.


Rationale and Features

Upon initial reaction, the decision to introduce a larger HydroConquest GMT may appear unconventional. However, upon closer consideration, there's a logic behind the move. The 43mm size aligns with the existing HydroConquest collection, which predominantly features references in this size range. Longines understands its HydroConquest customer base, likely recognizing that those interested in the 43mm variant may differ from those purchasing other models within the brand's portfolio. Despite not catering exclusively to enthusiasts, the 43mm HydroConquest GMT offers a dependable and high-quality option for individuals with larger wrists or a preference for substantial timepieces.

Despite its larger size, the new 43mm HydroConquest GMT maintains the same design elements and features as its smaller counterpart. Available in black, blue, and green options, with varying bracelet choices, these watches boast 300 meters of water resistance, ceramic bezel inserts, and luminous dials. With a retail price starting at $2,775, the new 43mm HydroConquest GMTs are now available for purchase on the Longines website, providing enthusiasts with a bold yet familiar addition to their collection.


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