Vacheron Constantin Overseas Collection


Vacheron Constantin (VC) is one of the oldest watch manufacture in the world. The brand has been making mechanical watches since the 18th century—since 1755 to be exact. For that and the quality of the watches that they produce VC is often considered to be one of the three watch brands that together make up the “Holy Trinity” of watch brands. However, while the brand history is undeniable, it is mainly known today for its complicated and dress watches. But what about sports watches? Should a modern watch buyer consider a Vacheron sports watch?


The Vacheron Constantin Overseas was introduced in 1977 marking the brand’s 222 years of operation and as a response to Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe having introduced luxury sports steel watches in the early 1970s. While often mistakenly thought to have been designed by Gerald Genta, the creator of both the AP Royal Oak and Patek’s Nautilus, the Overseas was not designed by Genta.

It does have many of the characteristics of these other two watches, and that perhaps help to accentuate the confusion. For one it is a steel sports watch with integrated bracelet and a case shape that, while rounder than the AP or Patek, has enough structure to it to make it distinctive.

VC offers different models of the Overseas and have refreshed the line in 2016. While all models have the distinctive cues of the Overseas models throughout, the chronograph models are perhaps the most representative of the family. Coming in with a stainless steel case ranging in size of 36 mm to 42 mm, they all include the pattern of the brand’s cross logo as the bezel. 

Most of the new models also includes an additional rubber and leather strap matching the dial color and features the easy to change strap system at the lugs. Overall every VC Overseas makes for a distinctive look that is hard to get anywhere else, and with two additional options, you effectively have three looks for each watch.

The same VC cross pattern is also used in the bracelet which is immaculately finished with bevels and brushed links. When you turn the watch over then you can admire the in house movement with poison de Geneve finishing while the gold rotor winds the watch. There is no question that this is a steel sports watch with dress watch refinement. 

Everything exults quality and top craftsmanship. VC produces different complications for the Overseas family, including dual time GMT, chronograph, and a tourbillon model. For most of the models there are three dial variations: black, grey, and blue.

As mentioned, the flagship variation of the Overseas is the chronograph. It includes the in-house 5200 movement with 52 hours of power reserve, these chronograph models use a perfectly balanced tri-compax layout with date window at 4:30 with date wheel typically in white contrasting with the dial color. A design choice that breaks the aesthetic a bit but makes the date more legible.

The blue colored dial is perhaps the one with the most impact in terms for blending well with the brushed silver finish of the case and bracelet. The blue color pops but not enough to feel out of place on such a classic and sporty watch.

While not part of the original luxury Genta sports watches the Vacheron Constantin Overseas constitute the perfect alternative to the mainstream models forming the genre. With it’s unique movement finishing and styling cues, the modern Overseas from VC constitute a bargain in this special segment that celebrates all that is luxury and excess and sports.

This is part of why you owe it to yourself if you are in the market for a luxury sports watch (ladies or gentlemen) to visit CH Premier at the Stanford Shops and see the VC Overseas collection in the metal to understand why these could be the best kept secret in the luxury watch segment.


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