Why JLC Reverso is the Perfect Sports and Dress Watch



When buying a watch a question that is often asked is whether to buy a sports watch or a dress watch? It use to be that this distinction was very important since a watch, as the only form of jewelry on men, could send the right or wrong message for a men who’s intention is to wear the watch in a formal setting, e.g., wedding, board room, and so on.



However, today, many sports watches are regularly worn in dressy situations. While the other way around does not typically work (dress watch worn for sports); a reasonable question is whether there are watches today that fits both mold?



Well, the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso we believe is such a watch. Originally designed to be a watch for Polo players. The Reverso as the name implies, includes a unique mechanism to allow the dial to be reversed, so as the show the back part of the watch. For Polo players this meant protecting the dial’s crystal, which if you played such a high-paced and semi-violent game could end up with your watch crystal scratched in the best case, or broken in the worst.



Today, Polo players could easily wear disposable quartz watches or even a Casio G-Shock. But the Reverso is still an elegant sports watch of choice. It’s slender rectangular profile and classic hands make it a great choice for more than just what it was designed for. Indeed, today the Reverso is more of a dress watch than a sports watch. JLC has taken notice since the watch is issued in various metals in addition to steel.



Furthermore, while all Reverso’s have two sides, the second side now can be a GMT of different colored dial as in the Reverso Duo, or can show the movement under sapphire crystal. Also, most often the reversed side is used to inscribe something special for the owner, e.g., initials or special message. Or for a fee, JCL will have its artisans hand-paint any image you chose, assuming it fits the balanced dimensions of the case.



The other reason to consider a Reverso, besides its dual sports and dress watch nature is to also recognize that it constitute the flagship model for Jaeger LeCoultre, a brand often nicknamed the “watchmakers’ watchmaker.” And the reason for this moniker has to do with the deep technical talents and bonafides of the Brand from Le Sentier. 



With over 200 original calibers in its arsenal, JLC has been movement suppliers to all in the industry, including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. So buying a Reverso as your dress or sports or both watch is a logical decision that will translate your passion for collecting and show your knowledge in watchmaking history. jaeger-lecoultre.com

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